Iran, Iranians Enjoy a High Status with World Nations

A02739117.jpg In his message on the occasion of the new Iranian year 1386, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wished the Iranians a happy new year and reiterated that today Iran and Iranians are known in the world as symbols of ethics, faith, purity, culture, affection, unity and might. President Ahmadinejad also wished Iranians everywhere in the world a happy and prosperous new year.

He added that last year was a year filled with public endeavor, dignity and struggle as well as honor for the Iranian nation who registered great accomplishments and achievements in the technological and scientific spheres while in the economic front too the Iranian nation managed to take long strides i.e. attraction of huge local and foreign investments and remarkable constructional projects.

President Ahmadinejad said that Iran’s foreign policy last year was dynamic and influential while friendly ties with other nations were expanded and the rights of the Iranian nation preserved adding that last year tens of new agreements were signed with other countries and tens of joint projects went into operation.

Making reference to the measures taken by some big powers to launch psychological war and propaganda against the Iranian and other nations of the world aimed at securing their illegitimate interests, president Ahmadinejad stated, “They have experienced failure in the face of the strong logic of the Iranian nation while other nations of the world have risen to reject these powers, therefore, they are now intending to launch a propaganda and psychological war in order to misuse and monopolize the bodies and organizations that they themselves have set up for the purpose of blocking and impeding the progress of the Iranian and other nations”.

He further stated that the main problem of the present world is the result of the performance of a number of racist Zionists who have dominated the centers of power and the mass media and intend to keep the world people in the state of poverty, hardship and animosity in order to ultimately stabilize their sovereignty over the world, but the great nation of Iran is opposed to this trend and insists on its stances, however, those bullying powers are unaware of the fact that they have launched a war against nations, human values and civilization through already failed methods.

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