Iranian envoy urges transfer of Russia’s expertise to Iran

Iran’s representative to an international conference in Russia, Seyed Reza Hashemi, stressed on Thursday on the need to transfer Russia’s remarkable experiences to Iran in the scientific and technological fields. Addressing the two-day conference on Russia’s cooperation with the Asian and African countries, Hashemi said that Tehran and Moscow should boost their mutual scientific cooperation.To this end, He added, Tehran and Moscow could make further effective cooperation through their scientific academies and higher education institutes in the two capitals.

Referring to Russia’s geographical situation, its history and economic facilities, Hashemi, also an economic expert at Iran’s embassy in Moscow, stressed that
Tehran and Moscow could also engage in joint economic and industrial projects in other countries including Iraq, Afghanistan and Caucasus, as well as those in the Central Asia region, Hashemi said.

He added that Moscow could help Tehran to implement various projects in the field of energy, building construction, road construction and infra structural facilities.

Representatives from economic and social institutions of Russia and of some of the Asian and African states attended the international conference which started in Moscow on Wednesday aiming at promoting Russia’s cooperation with Asian and African states in the field of modern technologies and sciences.

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