A New Scene, Will Create a Basic Problem for Americans

A027391111.jpgTehran’s Friday prayers leader said here in Tehran on Friday that in case Americans enter a new scene with regard to Iran’s nuclear case, they will create a basic problem for themselves and the Middle East region. Tehran’s Friday prayers leader, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani in the sermons of the first Friday prayers of Tehran in the new Iranian year 1386, made reference to Iran’s nuclear case and said, “Unfortunately, this case has not been settled yet and this is a sign of the tyranny and the bullying approach of the arrogant powers.”

He added, “The westerners theoretically acknowledge Iran’s right of gaining access to peaceful nuclear energy, in practice however, they act in such a manner to deprive us of the nuclear energy.”

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani further stated that science should be available to all and this is an Islamic and reasonable injunction while the westerners practice tyranny and display a bullying approach towards us in this matter.

Tehran’s Friday prayers leader then said,”Enjoying power and influence in the world bodies as well as the veto right, they (big powers) may think that they can deprive Iran of its rights, but they should know that they are making a big mistake.”

He added, ” In case the Americans enter a new scene, they will create a basic problem for themselves, for our country and for the entire region and I am confident that after some time following a tyrannical act, they will start analyzing and thinking as to where they have made a mistake.”

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani then asked, “Don’t you think that your mistakes concerning Taliban put you in such a critical situation so much so that today you have to use all your capabilities and capacities in Afghanistan where NATO’s presence has proved to be a failure?”

Addressing the west, Hashemi Rafsanjani then stated, “Only God knows how long more will the people of the region have to suffer from the tragedies that you caused in Palestine for half a century. In Lebanon too, you experienced a disgraceful failure but you did not learn a lesson from that and still continue with your adventurism.”

Tehran’s Friday prayers leader added, “The world’s domineering powers and tyrants threaten us and wage psychological war and exert economic pressures on us, thus, it is very clear that we are facing a serious challenge and this is a front where we need local unity and solidarity”.
Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani said that Islamic solidarity includes all the Moslem states adding that today one of the ploys used by the West and the arrogant powers is to create rift between Shiite and Sunni Moslems and for this purpose they (the West) propagate and carry out mischievous acts in such centers as Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon and this is very dangerous.

He added, “Of course the Ulema in the Islamic states invite people to unity and urge them to avoid discord, however, the case is more important than that and more attention needs to be paid to this issue.”

He termed the anniversary of the nationalization of oil industry in Iran as a significant task and stated, “That was a great task performed and we should appreciate and laud the pioneers who saved the Iranian oil industry from the clutches of the British.”

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani further condemned production and screening of the film ‘300’ and described it a cruel case of historical theft and added that his film which has been produced by Hollywood distorts history and paints a fabricated picture of Iranians while the film refrains from reflecting the crimes that the then occupiers of Iran committed in Iran’s Persepolis for instance.

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