World Has Changed, No One Gives In to Literature of Force

A027391113.jpgWestern Politicians should know that the world has changed and that no one gives in to the literature of force any more. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in an interview with France 24 International TV network here in Tehran on Friday, stressed the point that the western politicians should know that the world has changed and that no one gives in to the literature of force any longer.

In response to a question posed by the France 24 Network correspondent who accused Iran of having triggered crisis, president Ahmadinejad stated, “We have never triggered any crisis. We just defend our legal rights.

When France defended its nuclear rights, were these the French people who triggered crisis or the opponents of France?.

Crisis is triggered by those who reserve rights for themselves beyond law. Last year, I addressed a letter to Mr. Bush in which, I think I uttered everything that had to be said.

Everybody in the world knows that the American statesmen are responsible for most of the world problems.

In Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Palestine, in Sudan, Africa, Asia, everywhere you go, you can trace the footholds of Americans. The same is true in the nuclear case. And some states follow them of course.”

Regarding Iran’s nuclear case, president Ahmadinejad stated, “Everybody admits that the US and Britain are our enemies and reluctant to see that our country is making progresses. They plan to block our access to nuclear fuel cycle.

And now they are hiding themselves behind the UN Security Council. We know what this game is all about.”

In response to a question concerning the number of centrifuge units Iran has installed, the Iranian president said, “Can you estimate how many centrifuges are available to the US or France? Hundreds of thousands! Well then, why should they be allowed to have access to so many centrifuges while others, including us, are deprived of using them.

They are members of NPT and we are members of NPT as well. What law allows them to utilize so many centrifuges while the same disallows us to utilize even one thousand of these devices.”

President Ahmadinejad further added that the era of the cold war and deployment of weapons has come to an end and this is the era of contemplation and reflection, no atomic bomb can help Americans in Iraq and no atomic bomb can secure Mr. Bush popularity.

Iranian president stated that fossil fuel resources are depleting and Iran’s first nuclear power plant will go into operation soon and within a period of 20 years, we are planning to generate 20 thousand megawatts of electricity.

In response to a question posed by the correspondent of France 24 international TV network, president Ahmadinejad said, “My question is, what has Israel committed that the world nations hate it so much. This is a key question that should be answered by the American and European leaders.

As long as they have not answered this question, they will have to face problems. ”

President Ahmadinejad concluded by asking, “Why are the European statesmen so sensitive about the Zionists while so many Palestinians are killed everyday and 5 million Palestinians remain homeless for years?”

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