Asefi Meets with UAE’s National Assembly Speaker

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Arab Emirates met with the speaker of the UAE’s national assembly, Abd al-Qarir and expressed the hope that the relations between the parliaments of Iran and the UAE will be further consolidated. In this meeting which took place in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to that country, Hamid Reza Asefi made reference to the current developments in the region and said, “The situation of the Islamic Republic of Iran is such that political hues and cries, the West’s psychological war and the US threats do not concern us and the Islamic Republic will continue its path firmly.”

He added that expansion of ties with the UAE constitutes the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and that Iran is prepared to use all its possibilities to achieve this objective.

In this meeting, the speaker of the UAE’s National Assembly laid emphasis on the role that the parliaments play in the proximity of nations and called for the further utilization of the capacities and potentials that are available in the Iranian and UAE parliaments for the purpose of deeper friendship between the two nations.

He also called for the reinvigoration of economic ties between the two states.

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