Cleric Warns UNSC, EU not to Meddle with Iran-Britain Problem

Tehran’s Interim Friday Prayers Leader Ahmad Khatami called on the UN Security Council, European Union and other international bodies not to interfere with the current problem between Tehran and London, saying that Britain has trespassed Iran’s borders and the issue must be solved by the two countries themselves. “It is clear that no country allows any other state to violate its sovereignty. This is a problem between two countries, and thus, no international body such as the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and European Union (EU) is entitled to meddle with this issue. They should know that their interference will aggravate the problem,” Khatami said while addressing a large congregation of prayers on Tehran University Campus here on Friday.

He further pointed to London’s hue and cry about the arrested British marines, and stressed that the 15 British soldiers have violated Iran’s sovereignty by trespassing Iranian borders.

The cleric reminded that British troops have trespassed the Iranian borders several times so far, and said, “According to the existing documents, they have even extended their apologies in this regard several times and vowed that they would not repeat the action in future.”

“All the documents available show that the British troops have entered Iran’s waters and there is no doubt that they are trespassers and this is something the British marines themselves have confessed to,” he continued.

Khatami further stated, “Britons should know that the 19th century has passed … today, Britain is a defeated and isolated power who is operating as the United States’ political middleman.”

“Britain should know that today Iran is … a great and powerful Islamic country which has stood up to the United States (i.e. Britain’s master),” he said, adding, “The female marine was scheduled to be released, but after the boastful and arrogant statements made by the British officials and the invasion of Iranian consulate in Basra, her freedom was postponed.”

He also warned Britain that in case it intends to continue its hostile attitude towards Iran, it will have to pay a heavy price.

“If you decide to trespass our country’s borders even for an inch, then you will have to face the wrathful reaction of Iran’s vigilant border guards,” this week’s interim Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran warned.

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