Chief of Staff Warns Leaders of Palestine’s Neighbors

Chief of Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces, Major General Seyed Hassan Firooz Abadi warned Muslim leaders of Palestine’s neighboring countries about implementation of a suicidal plan by the Zionist regime of Israel.

“Zionists and the Qods occupying regime intend to exercise a suicidal plan next summer, and this suicidal plan of the Zionists and American neoconservatives, the implementation of which would start from the occupied Palestinian lands, will not serve the interests of anyone in the world,” the General underlined.

He continued, “Firstly, I warn the dear leaders and Muslim brothers in the neighboring countries of the occupied territories that this suicidal attack of the Zionists is threatening them.”

The Iranian military official further stated that the plan intends to prevent withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq and the region and that it will pose a danger primarily to Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan and then Saudi Arabia and all other countries in the region.

He reminded that these were the Israeli Zionists who encouraged US administration to send troops to the region, adding, “And now that the US Senate, Congress and people have grown vigilant and realized that the Untied States’ national interests are victimized for the Zionist devils and urge withdrawal of US troops from the region, Zionists and neoconservatives have devised a suicidal operation to justify extension of the mission of the US troops in the region.”

Firooz Abadi warned that implementation of the said plan would inflict losses on Americans, westerners and Islamic countries.

“I warn the dear leaders of the brother and Muslim and Arab country of Lebanon that they should reach an agreement over a national coalition government in that country so as to be able to resist against this plot,” he said, concluding, “and I warn the Arab brothers in the region that they should increase their solidarity and unity in defending the Palestinian nation against Israel and that they should adopt their decision, otherwise tomorrow would be too late (to take the said actions).”

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