President Awards Medal of Courage to Border Guard Commander

A0279530.jpgIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad awarded a third degree medal of courage to the commander of Iran’s southwest coast guards, Captain Abol-Ghassem Amangah. The ceremony, attended by Iranian defense minister and other high ranking officials, took place during the president’s press conference. The decision followed the arrest of 15 British troops by Iranian border guards on march 23rd, 2007 after the 8 British sailors and 7 marines trespassed on Iran’s territorial waters.

In interviews broadcast by Iran’s state-run TV, 4 of the said troops explicitly acknowledged that they had trespassed on Iran’s waters and apologized to the Iranian nation for their intrusion.

Meantime, the data and information extracted from the Global Positioning System (GPS) of the British troops substantiate their illegal entry into Iranian waters.

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