Release of British Sailors Proves Iran’s Role in Int’l Issues

An Iranian MP said President Ahmadinejad’s decision to pardon the British troop proved Iran’s role in international issues and displayed the Islamic Republic’s might and authority. Speaking to FNA in the eastern city of Birjand on Thursday, representative of Ferdows, Sarayan and Tabas at the Islamic Consultative Assembly Amir Hassankhani said, “Today West intends to fade away Iran’s role in international issues and President Ahmadinejad’s decision about the sailors was a strong response to the said intention.”

He said that Iran is a country which cannot be ignored due to both its extent and its power, reminding that pardoning of the British troops was a gift to the Britons and proved Iran’s good intentions.

The legislative official further mentioned, “Arrest and release of the British sailors proved that if Iran’s issues and demands are overlooked at the international level, the Islamic Republic can create different challenges for the other side.”

Addressing western powers, he said, “Do not try to hide Iran’s role in the international issues through your global media, because President Ahmadinejad’s decision proved that Iran is prepared to give up its rights to help solve international issues.”

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