UN Secretary General Lauds Iranian President

 UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, in a phone conversation with Iranian President on Wednesday, appreciated Ahmadinejad for pardoning the 15 British troops. Further during the same phone talk, the UN chief expressed the hope that such intrusions would not happen in future, and voiced deep enthusiasm for cooperating with the Islamic Republic government.

“I am keen to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government and its representative to the United Nations and to have its supports,” Ban Ki Moon said.

For his part, Iranian President extended his congratulations to Ban Ki Moon on his appointment as the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization.

Noting the great challenges existing in the international community and the issues facing the world nations, he reminded the UN chief of his sensitive and decisive role at the present juncture.

“Considering that you come from the extensive and ancient continent of Asia, we are eager to witness your success in fulfilling missions (as the Secretary General of the Untied Nations Organization),” Ahmadinejad told Ban Ki Moon.

The Iranian president further viewed solution of global issues on the basis of justice and affinity with human beings as a better approach, and mentioned, “As regards the detention of the British troops, if the statesmen of that country had acted properly and through insight, the issue would have been resolved earlier.”

He expressed the hope that compliance with the international rules and treaties and adherence to justice would prevent repetition of such cases.

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