CIA Tortures Iranian Diplomat

Iranian Diplomat Jalal Sharafi who was released after being kidnapped in front of Iran’s embassy in Baghdad around two months ago said that CIA agents and their Iraqi affiliates had tortured him severely during interrogation. Speaking to reporters here in Tehran on Saturday, Sharafi who was the Second Secretary of Iran’s Embassy in Iraq further showed the tortured organs of his body, and said that Iranian physicians are now treating him.

He pointed to his abduction and said, “While I was shopping in Baghdad streets, I was kidnapped by some agents who used US vehicles and who showed me identification cards of the Iraqi defense ministry.”

“Then they took me to a base around Baghdad airport,” Sharafi mentioned, adding, “While in there, I was interrogated by Arab and English speaking agents.”

The diplomat said that CIA had questioned him about Iran’s presence and influence in Iraq, the extent of Iran’s aids and assistance to Mr. Al-Maliki’s administration, Shiite, Sunnite and Kurd groups.

“Once they heard my response that Iran merely has official relations with the Iraqi government and officials, they intensified tortures and tortured me through different methods days and nights,” he continued.

Sharafi added, “In the second phase, they endeavored to show me a merciful and kind face and encouraged me to cooperate with them. But I told them that they can discuss their points with the Iranian embassy and that I am only a diplomat working in the embassy and I can’t do anything beyond my legal duties.”

“Afterwards, I found out that they were obliged to release me under the intense pressures of the Iraqi officials,” he said.

The diplomat also said that he was released around Baghdad airport.

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