Iran Reiterates Defense of Borders

During the last 27 years, Iran has always safeguarded its territorial borders and it is needless of theatrical measures and scene-setting, an Iranian informed source said in reaction to the recent statements of the German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “The shallow comments made about the detention of the 15 British military troops who trespassed on Iran’s territorial waters would not change the reality of the incident and would not fade away Iran’s motives for defending its sovereignty,” the source said here on Saturday.

He further reminded the Islamic Republic’s firm determination to defend the country despite all the heavy losses and damages it has sustained for preserving its sovereignty and safeguarding its territories during the last 27 years, reminding that Iran is not in need of theatrical acts and setting scenes.

The source lashed out at Britain’s initial approach towards the issue, and said, “A review of the developments of the last two weeks shows that Britain first initiated to adopt instrumental approaches and involved others in the story through raising a case at the UN Security Council and European Union (EU) and through propaganda and ploy, but after they found out that their approach had complicated the problem and served as an unconstructive option, they immediately changed approach and adopted a realistic view, paid attention to the need for respecting other countries’ sovereignty and eventually opted for a rational and logical solution to the crisis through resorting to bilateral talks.”

Stressing the need for other states to take a lesson from Iran’s logical approach towards the British troops’ aggression and violation of other countries’ sovereignty, he said that from all angles, the incident served as a proper test for the British politicians, which taught everyone that a correct understanding of the realities, respect for the nations’ rights and sovereignty, non-intervention in other countries’ affairs and last but not least, adoption of well-estimated diplomatic trends on the basis of the principle of justice, fairness and equal rights can soothe all conflicts.

Commenting on the case of the 15 British troops who were pardoned by the Islamic Republic after they had been arrested on charges of trespassing on Iran’s territorial waters, German foreign minister said in an interview with a German paper last Thursday that Iran strove to set the scene of a conflict with Britain where it could have the upper hand and act from a powerful stance.

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