Islamic Solidarity Entails Failure of US, Bullying Powers

Member of the presiding board of the Iranian parliament stressed the necessity for Muslim unity, and said that Islamic solidarity causes failure of the United States and the bullying powers.  

Speaking to FNA on Saturday, representative of Hamedan at the Islamic Consultative Assembly Hamid Reza Haji Baba’ee reminded that throughout the previous years, the US had launched powerful ideological, cultural and political intrusions on the Islamic states in a bid to foment differences among them.

“The US consistently pursued this approach ever since it started the issue of Salman Roshdi,” he said, mentioning that the colonialist powers strive to spark tension in the region through devising plots which pertain to geographical positions.

The MP further noted that the United States’ hope in using international pressure, including the instrumental use of the UN Security Council, and extensive propaganda against Iran has been ruined, adding, “(On the contrary) these measures of the enemies led to the enhanced unity among Muslims. Islamic solidarity can defuse the plot of the enemies, specially the United States, and lead to Muslim unity.”

Pointing to Iran’s full nuclearization in the current (Iranian) year, he reiterated that national unity and solidarity can grow into a symbol which will provide national interests.

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