VP Calls on World Bodies to Support Iran’s N. Activities

Iranian First Vice-President Parviz Dawoodi called on the world bodies to adopt stronger stances in support of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities. Addressing a meeting dubbed ‘Secure Future with Investment in Health’ here in Tehran on Sunday, Dawoodi further said that Iran’s access to the nuclear technology can lead to the acquisition and progress in many related technologies for the manufacture of various types of synthesized drugs for incurable diseases.

“Acquisition of nuclear technology paves the way for future scientific movements,” he continued.

The official blasted international organizations for practicing double standards when dealing with different countries, saying that while some states’ access to the civilian nuclear technology is abhorred, certain others produce nuclear bombs and allege that their nuclear tests are in the interest of global peace and societies’ wellness.

“While these countries use such weapons in some places, the world bodies keep silent or even render support for such measures. Meantime, the same organizations resist the peaceful and scientific movement of our country through passing resolutions,” he said.

This injustice, he said, would damage psychological security of communities.

“We demand the World Health Organization (WHO) to stand against the moves and actions of these countries in order to help establishment of health,” Dawoodi added.

Reminding that no proof or document has ever been presented on Iran’s diversion from peaceful to non-peaceful purposes or activities, he stated, “The excuses sought by these countries to counter Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities are obviously illegal.”

“They want the Islamic Republic of Iran not to have access to hi-tech,” the Iranian first vice-president stressed.

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