Larijani: No Compromise on National Interests

Iran’s Chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani in the northeastern city of Mashhad on Monday stressed that his country would not compromise with anyone on national interests in the sphere of nuclear energy. Larijani, who is also Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary, said Tehran is always prepared to attend talks to remove concerns and misunderstandings.

“Some western countries demand us in a very straightforward manner that Iran should not acquire nuclear technology,” he said, adding that western countries block other nations’ access to hi-tech in a bid to gain and maintain hegemony over world economy.

The official mentioned that the West seeks to harness Iran through the nuclear challenge, and viewed this attitude of the West as wrong, reminding that all Iranian officials, and even those Iranians whose views and beliefs differ from those of the Islamic Republic ruling system, are united and pursue one single approach towards the issue.

Describing access to nuclear technology as a symbol of independence and self-belief, he viewed nuclear fuel production as a magnificent source of national profit and the greatest economic capital in future world.

The Iranian top nuclear negotiator also pointed to nuclear fuel production as a constituent of Iran’s strategic policies, and reminded that his country will be troubled in case it has a large number of nuclear power plants but is unable to supply the needed amount of nuclear fuel.

“The West has shown that it does not remain loyal to its contracts on supplying nuclear fuel. If we can’t supply our nuclear fuel and grow needy in this regard, they will exert pressure on us in the political and other grounds in future,” he said.

Larijani reminded that his country has made industrious efforts during the last 20 years to achieve the required know-how for the production of nuclear fuel, saying that it would be a great cruelty to the Iranian nation if the Islamic Republic ignores the said endeavors.

“During our talks, they (the counterparty) mention that they are worried about any possible future diversion by Iran from peaceful nuclear activities,” he stated, saying that such statements lack legality and international acceptability.

Larijani further voiced Iran’s preparedness to attend talks to solve all technical issues and ambiguities, and said that nuclear science has upgraded his country’s national ability.

Meantime, the chief negotiator pointed out that access to the nuclear fuel production cycle increases Iran’s bargaining power, warning that if the counterparty continues the path of UN Security Council, they will have to wait for the reaction of the Iranian officials.

To conclude his remarks, Larijani called on the Iranian nation to reinvigorate national unity, and stressed that Muslims should now allow the United States to foment strife between the Shiite and Sunnite Muslims.

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