US Sanction on Iranian Banks Violates IMF Agreement

A0280416.jpgIran’s executive director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that the US boycott on two Iranian banks is against the contents of the IMF agreement, and called on IMF officials to take the required actions in this regard. Abbas Mirakhor in a statement released here on Monday pointed to the recent measures adopted by the US administration in cutting financial relations with Iranian banks and financial institutes, and reminding the two countries’ restricted relations in the financial and banking areas since years ago, reiterated that the US measure violates the IMF agreement.

“In addition, misusing international financial bodies for political objectives brings tension and unrest to the world financial system as a result of which global economy will be troubled,” he continued.

The official further called on the IMF to support its members’ right to have unlimited access to the international financial system and make efforts to maintain order and stability of the world financial system.

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