Africa Supports Iran against Injustices

As a member of the African countries, Gambia always renders its political and spiritual supports to Iran against injustices, the country’s foreign minister Bala Garba Jahumpa said here on Sunday. Addressing a ceremony on the inauguration of Gambia’s embassy in Tehran, Jahumpa appreciated the Iranian people and government on behalf of his people, government and President Yahya Jammeh for providing sufficient facilities for the establishment and start of operation of that county’s embassy in Tehran.

He further voiced pleasure with the inauguration of Iran’s embassy in Gambia, and assured that his country would provide the facilities required in the said ground.

The top diplomat said that the establishment of the two countries’ embassies is not a merely symbolic measure and that it serves the two sides’ developing relations, adding, “And we are in need of these extensive relations because the present conditions dominating the world necessitate South-South cooperation, specially for confronting common enemies.”

He also said that presence of the African ambassadors to Tehran at the ceremony marking inauguration of the Gambian embassy indicates that African countries have realized that their freedom lies in cooperation with each other.

Jahumpa viewed current conflicts in the African continent as detrimental to African nations, and viewed leadership as the main problem in that continent, saying, “We are in need of honest and noble leaders in Africa who can encourage people to struggle for progress.”

Also saying that Gambia as a member of the African countries always renders political and spiritual support to Iran against injustices, he added, “We should support Iran because the same problem that has happened for Iran today might happen Sierra Leon or Gambia tomorrow. Therefore, we should all get united.”

The Gambian official also condemned the abduction of five Iranian diplomats in Iraq as a violation of the international rules and regulations.

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