MP Calls on US Democrats to Show Good Will

In clear reaction to the recent reports about willingness of certain US senators and congressmen for attending talks with Iranian counterparts, a member of the Iranian parliament’s presiding board here on Sunday called on the US democrats to annul the D’Amato Law to prove their good intentions. “The US Democrats have gained control over the US Senate and Congress for some time now and they have voiced willingness to contact and negotiate with the representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. They should be informed that they are to display their good will through using the desirable potentials and possibilities that they are now enjoying,” Mohsen Kouhkan said.

He further continued, “As the D’Amato Law was approved at a time when Democrats were the dominant party in the US Congress and Senate, we propose that they, as a first step in showing their good intention, make this law null and void.”

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