Appearance of Streep in Qanbari’s Film Uncertain

A01175371.jpgFox Film executives recently announced that the appearance of Meryl Streep in the role of late Iranian artist Mokarrameh Qanbari in the upcoming Fox Film production is uncertain. The Fox Film Corporation had purchased the rights to make a biographical film about Qanbari and had wanted to shoot some of the scenes on location in her home village of Darikandeh, near Babol in northern Iran, the Persian service of CHN reported on Sunday.

According to Qanbari’s son, the screenplay has now been completed, but it is unclear whether Streep will be taking part in the movie.

Ali Bolboli observed that a French actress will probably replace Streep in the film.

“I have been following the case for several months with Streep’s planning managers, but since her acting schedule is already full, it is uncertain if she will be able to take part. We are still waiting to see her name in the list.

“The screenplay is to be translated into Persian and sent to me to review. I am to announce my agreement on shooting the movie.”

Bolboli had previously told CHN that the film is to be directed by Iranian filmmaker Essy Niknejad, who currently resides in California.

Fox Film executives became familiar with Qanbari during an exhibition of her works in Los Angeles, and proposed to make a film of her life. The contract was signed in the early spring of 2005, before the artist’s death.

If the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance issues a license, Fox will shoot some scenes on location in Darikandeh, the rest of the film will be shot in Hollywood.

Meryl Streep has played in several movies including ‘The Deer Hunter’, ‘The River Wild’, ‘Sophie’s Choice’, and ‘The Hours’.

Qanbari was born in the village of Darikandeh, and despite her great talent, she never received any formal training in painting.

She accidentally began painting at the age of 63 when she came across some artist’s paints that her son had left at her home.

She continued her painting using bright, original colors inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings of her neighborhood, and within a few years her works were being recognized by painters in Iran and overseas.

She held her first exhibition at the Seyhun Gallery in 1995. Qanbari also participated in ten other exhibitions and was awarded the jury prize at the Roshd Film Festival and another award at the Rural Artistic-Literary Festival.

In 2001, Qanbari was awarded an honorary certificate at the Conference of the Foundation of Iranian Women’s Studies in Stockholm, and was named the year’s exemplary woman.

In addition, she was named the “Female Painter of 2001” by the Swedish National Museum.

Iranian filmmaker Ebrahim Mokhtari has made a documentary film about the life and works of the artist entitled ‘Mokarrameh, Her Memories and Dreams’.

She died at the age of 77 on October 24, 2005 and was buried in the courtyard of her house.

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