Iran’s Powerful Army Aims to Strengthen Regional Peace

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said his country’s powerful, efficient and well-equipped army is fully prepared to defend Iran while it merely seeks to reinvigorate sustainable peace, stability and security in the region. Speaking to FNA on the occasion of the ‘Army Day’ here on Wednesday, the General said a part of achievements gained by the Defense Ministry in areas of air, sea, ground and missile capabilities as well as electronic warfare was put to show during the public display of the army today.

He also mentioned that a part of the show pertained to the display of equipment fully overhauled by the Iranian defense industries, adding that his ministry plans to equip the army with the most advanced defensive technologies and increase its operational and combat capabilities in air, sea and ground through home-made technologies and domestic efforts.

The minister further stressed that despite all sanctions imposed on the country, his ministry is well capable of designing, producing and supplying all the needs of the army, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Law Enforcement Police relying on the high abilities of its experts.

He also voiced pleasure in the deserving interaction and maximum solidarity and unity of the Iranian army, IRGC, the Law Enforcement police and the defense ministry, and warned enemies that any aggression will be clobbered by the Iranian armed forces.

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