VP: Foreign Investment in Iran not Affected by US Pressures

Iran’s First Vice-President Parviz Dawoodi said that the pressures exerted by the US and certain countries on foreign investors to prevent them from investing their capitals in Iran have all proved unfruitful. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the 12th International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition at Tehran’s International Fairground on Wednesday, Dawoodi voiced pleasure in the desirable increase in the number of foreign companies attending the exhibition despite all the pressures exerted on them by the world arrogance.

He said foreign countries and enterprises are practicing a logical interaction with Iran in a bid to attain interests without paying any attention to the United States’ shortsightedness.

The official further pointed to the goals pursued by the exhibition, including the introduction of the capabilities and products of Iranian and foreign companies as well as attraction of foreign investment in Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

“Despite the fact that such countries as Germany, France and England along with the United States have laid much pressure on Iran in the international arena, a large number of companies from the same countries have participated in this exhibition, which shows that the economic policies of these countries differ from the political policies pursued by their governments,” he said.

Dawoodi also assured that the policies presented in Iran’s 20-year envision plan as well as the executive policies of Article 44 of the Constitution provide foreign companies with ample lucrative opportunities, adding that Ahmadinejad administration has paved the required ground and adopted the needed measures for the absorption of foreign investment in the different industries, including the oil, gas and petrochemical spheres.

The Iranian first vice-president termed expansion of ties with Muslim and regional countries, specially in economic grounds as a general policy of Ahmadinejad administration, and said, “We are seeking to lay a convenient and secure ground for extensive economic relations with regional and Muslim states so as to consolidate the two sides’ overall ties and bring a leap in Iran’s relations with regional and Muslim countries.”

Also noting hospitality of the Iranian people, he said Iranians seek a proper and fruitful interaction with their guests while they never accept force.

“Therefore, if foreign investors adopt a correct logical approach in their interaction with Iran, they would make an appropriate profit, but if they intend to deal with Iran through the logic of US President George W. Bush, Iranians have shown that they would never give in to such a logic and despite their hospitality, they would show a tough reaction to bullying parties, and this would inflict more losses on foreign countries, companies and investors than being detrimental to the Iranian nation.”

The 12th International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition, participated by 797 domestic and 510 foreign companies from 35 countries, opened at Tehran’s International Fairground on Wednesday and will continue for five days.

The number of participants in the event indicates an increase of 15 foreign and seven domestic companies compared to the figures for the previous round.

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