Iran Enjoys High Missile Capability

A01918646.jpgA senior Iranian commander said his country enjoys such a high missile capability that it can target enemy positions with an unlimited number of home-made missiles. Speaking in a meeting with the chancellor, professors and students of Syria’s National Defense University here in Tehran on Thursday, Commander of the air force of the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps (IRGC) General Hossein Salami further said Iran has a significant role in all regional security systems.

“And that’s why the US president describes Iran as the most dangerous threat to his country,” he added.

The General said that the West and the US try to dominate the Middle-East through playing a game of endless crises and security systems, and added, “But Iran can affect the flow of half of the world energy as soon as it wishes because it is in control of all affairs and issues. And this control cannot be taken away from Iran because it is a geo-strategic influence.”

He also stressed that Iran can affect world trade, and create an irrevocable imbalance in the world system, and continued, “And this is a great power for Iran which cannot be tolerated by the world powers because they cannot stand heavy economic shocks any more.”

Reiterating Iran’s strong regional influence and noting Iran-West conflict, the IRGC air force commander said that his country can target enemy positions and suppress any aggressive move by the help of its advanced missile capability, and reminded that Iran is now capable of producing an unrestricted number of missiles through a home-made technology.

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