Terrorist Group Disbanded

A0191864.jpgIranian Interior Ministry, in cooperation with the Intelligence Ministry, has made wide arrests of the main elements of the terrorist group known under the name of its leader Abdul Malik Rigi and succeeded in disbanding the main cells of the terrorist group, a ministry official said. Speaking to reporters in the western city of Hamedan on Wednesday, director general of the Interior Ministry’s Public Relations Department Mojtaba Mir Abdollahi reminded that the group first operated as a gang of bandits, and added, “Since the very beginning, intelligence agencies of foreign countries monitored and favored the group as a voice of opposition operating against the government and the state inside Iran.”

He said that the Iranian intelligence ministry had the terrorist group under control.

“All activities of this group were being identified and controlled by the intelligence security system of the country,” the official said.

He further mentioned that the heads of the main branches of Abdul Malik Rigi’s terrorist group were arrested or killed and the group’s activity is under full control.

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