IPI Pipeline Plays Crucial Role in Pakistan’s Political Stability

Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said that the multi-billion-dollar pipeline which will take Iran’s natural gas to Pakistan and India plays a crucial role in his country’s political stability, and further stressed Islamabad’s adherence to the project. He further pointed to the significance of Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline for his country’s economic growth, and said that Islamabad is currently attending negotiations with Iranian and Indian officials on the pricing formula and transit rights.

Referring to the United States’ opposition to the construction of the pipeline, Aziz said that despite its official objections, Washington realizes Pakistan’s energy needs and the significance of this pipeline for Islamabad.

“I do not believe that implementation of this project would impair Pakistan-US relations,” the Pakistani prime minister said.

“I think Washington understands that our energy needs are actual and that secure energy supplies play a vital role for the stability and growth of Pakistan,” he continued.

The official further mentioned improvement of Pakistan-India relations as among other positive results produced by the project.

“Pakistan is profoundly loyal to this project and we hope that India also joins the pipeline project, because it is a peace pipeline,” the Pakistani premier concluded.

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