Saudi Arabia Welcomes Joint War Games with Iran

A0243061.jpgMilitary attaché of the Saudi embassy in Tehran said his country welcomes holding of joint military maneuvers with Iran, describing Tehran as a strategic friend of Riyadh. Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting between military attaches of foreign countries to Tehran with the commanders of the Islamic Republic army here on Friday, the Saudi official pointed to his presence in the ceremonies marking Iran’s Army Day, and said, “I witnessed Iran’s eye-catching military progresses in person and what I observed was very interesting, specially the deep faith of the Iranian army forces.”

He further described Iran’s progress in technology and access to new defensive systems as a source of glory and pride for all Muslim nations, and said, “Iran and Saudi Arabia can play a more influential role in the establishment of peace and security in the region.”

“We always wish for Iran’s further progress,” he continued.

The Saudi military attaché dismissed allegations describing Iran as a threat to the regional countries, and said, “Saudi Arabia believes that Iran’s power is a proper backing for the regional countries, and Iran is entitled to have such a defensive power.”

Al-Ahmadi also said that his country approves of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, and continued, “Your (Iranian) foreign minister has clearly announced this issue, (i.e. the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities and plans), and we know that Iran’s (nuclear) activities are conducted for merely right purposes.”

He further welcomed arrangement of joint military maneuvers by Iran and Saudi Arabia, and said, “Iran is a strategic and friendly country. The two sides have already had military cooperation and their joint committees have been active in this regard.”

“We will be pleased with the enhancement of these interactions,” the Saudi attaché concluded.

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