Venezuela Views Iran as Trustworthy Partner

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro Moros, in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki in Caracas on Friday, described Iran as a trustworthy partner and friend, and voiced preparedness of Latin American states to develop ties with Iran. During the meeting, Mottaki noted the developments in the American continent, and said that the world is undergoing new developments and changes which will serve the interests of nations, adding that the main characteristic of this evolution is confrontation with the hegemony of colonialist powers, a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau reported.

“Solidarity in economic ties and withdrawal from the world monetary and financial accumulation systems and formation of a united and integrated block in Latin America along with the appearance of a new and justice-seeking generation of leaders who defend national interests, welfare of their people and development of their countries underpin this new evolution which has angered hegemonic powers,” he continued.

Elsewhere, the Iranian minister pointed to Iran-Venezuela good relations, and said that endorsement of agreements in all the different economic areas as well as the emphasis of the two countries’ leaders on the institutionalization of mutual economic relations necessitate accelerated implementation of the two sides’ agreements.

“As members of the two countries’ administrative powers, we should utilize all the potentials for mutual cooperation and also lay the ground for the joint expansion of cooperation with the other world countries through the creation of a proper mechanism,” he added.

For his part, Venezuelan foreign minister voiced satisfaction at the two countries’ bilateral relations, and called for the step-by-step development of ties in all areas through a common strategy.

Also noting Iran’s significant position in the Middle-East, he said Iran’s planning and vigilance under the critical conditions presently dominating the world have surprised the world and made the West’s plots fall flat.

Maduro Moros further described Iran’s foreign policy strategy as successful despite all the hazardous scenes existing in the Middle-East, and mentioned that the United States’ occupation and its efforts to sow religious discord have yielded no fruits.

He also referred to the Day of Convergence in Latin America, and said, “The anti-hegemony block in Latin America, which seeks development of countries and public welfare views Iran as its trustworthy and close partner and friend and is prepared to expand relations with you.”

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