FM: Iran Sides with Latinos

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki voiced Tehran’s preparedness to bolster cooperation and expand all-out ties with Latino states, and stressed Iran’s companionship with the people and contemporary movements of that region. Mottaki made the remarks in a meeting with Nicaraguan parliament speaker Rominio in Managua on Sunday, where the two sides discussed bilateral ties and exchanged views about regional issues.

During the meeting, Mottaki noted the similarities that exist between the Middle-East and South America, which he said have both experienced positive developments, including the failure of the United States’ hegemonic policies in the last year.

“The new round of popular movement in South America has made the hegemonic policies of the powers face failure with the election of anti-hegemonic and justice-seeking governments, and this evolution is going to put an end to the unjust monetary and financial structure of the world, a structure which caused looting of national resources and heavy debts in South American states,” he continued.

The Iranian minister further stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran accompanies Latino nations and contemporary movements in South America, and voiced Tehran’s readiness to bolster cooperation and expand all-out relations with the said countries.

“Fortunately, the new round of justice-seeking movement in South American countries is not restricted to the area of politics, rather it has manifestations in all other spheres, specially economy, and it has reduced dependence of the developing countries on the world financial and monetary system,” he mentioned.

For his part, speaker of the Nicaraguan parliament noted the conditions dominating his country, and said, “After 20 years, we could ascend to power through public incitement.”

“Pursuing independence, justice and comprehensive campaign against the United States’ hegemony in the region sets our policy,” he continued.

The Nicaraguan top legislator further said, “We are now witnessing the failure not just of the belligerent policies but also of the economic policies of such powers as the US, (economic) policies which have been based on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) instructions.”

“Americans came to Nicaragua with the slogan of welfare and development, but their reign resulted in nothing but poverty, misery and immigration for the Nicaraguan people. During the last 8 years, poverty has grown wider in our country and a majority of the people are now living under the poverty line,” he added.

Rominio further described accelerated and extensive poverty as a result of the US policies led by international bodies in Nicaragua, mentioning that they (Americans) have looted Nicaragua’s natural resources.

“We have taken this power from the nation in order to walk on the path of growth, development and welfare of our country and people and guarantee future,” Nicaragua’s chief legislative official said.

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