Larijani Calls on EU to Give Up Diplomatic Dance with Iran

Tehran’s chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani warned EU that diplomatic dancing during nuclear talks with Iran would make negotiations infertile. “We are definitely keen to witness that others feel no concern over Iran’s nuclear technology and this can set a serious agenda for our debates, but if they adopt a superficial approach towards talks and embark on some kind of diplomatic dancing in negotiations, then such talks would go nowhere,” Larijani warned ahead of his forthcoming talks with EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana in Turkey on Wednesday.

“If westerners insist on preconditions, then they will be playing with their reputation,” he said.

He said if Western countries are serious about negotiations, “then they should not speak of preconditions, because as I have already stated, new conditions have new requirements.”

Larijani called on the other party to opt for innovations in the course of nuclear talks with Iran.

He underlined that attainment of a solution is possible if the other party shows serious inclination for the settlement of the problem.

“Serious talks can be a solution to the problem which would serve their (Western countries’) interests too,” he said.

“If they are concerned about diversion, then non-diversion could be the subject of our negotiations because we too believe that this issue is important,” Larijani mentioned.

He further expressed hope that the negotiating parties would choose the correct option, which he termed to be serious talks.

The Iranian top nuclear negotiator also told reporters that according to a mutual agreement reached during a recent phone talk, Solana and he will meet each other in the Turkish capital city of Ankara.

Asked how optimistic he is about his Wednesday talks with Solana, Larijani said, “(Our) previous talks produced some results, but some adventure seeking countries interfered in the issue,” and made it fruitless.

Larijani expressed hope that West would change its previous methodology for pursuing the results of negotiations in an effort to build the Iranian nation’s confidence in negotiations.

He also said it would be in Europe’s interest to find the proper ground and atmosphere for the settlement of the issue, reminding that conflict with Iran would not be beneficial to Europe.

“Iranians are ready to step on the path of understanding and this is Iranians’ traditional way of thinking,” Larijani stressed, but meantime reminded the West that Iranians are not gullible and cannot be easily cheated in this ground.

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