Rafsanjani Calls on South Korea to Enhance Economic Activities in Iran

Chairman of Iran’s State Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in a meeting with South Korea’s ambassador to Tehran here on Monday called on Seoul to bolster participation in Iran’s economic plans. Rafsanjani further pointed to the intact cooperation grounds, and said that the two countries can make more profit through enhanced cooperation in giant energy projects, specially in the oil and gas sectors, underway in Iran.

He described South Korea as a proper colleague of the Islamic Republic in different eras, even at the time of the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, and pointed out that the two countries’ desirable background of cooperation and relations in such areas as development, trade, economy and politics can serve as a huge capital for the start of fresh cooperation and joint ventures.

The official also pointed to the development of Tehran-Seoul cultural ties, particularly in the sphere of tourism, as among other potential grounds for the two states’ cooperation, and voiced dissatisfaction with the scanty investments made in the said areas.

“Iran-South Korea relations could further boost through the activation of these sectors,” he added.

For his part, Korean ambassador to Tehran assessed the two countries’ relations as desirable, and voiced satisfaction at the two states’ proper political, economic and cultural exchanges, which he said have never halted.

He further termed the Islamic Republic of Iran as the world’s weight center from the point of view of culture and influence, adding that Iran’s role is still growing stronger.

The envoy stated South Korea’s enthusiasm for the expansion of ties with Iran, and mentioned that activation of the extensive but intact areas of cooperation by the two countries would yield lucrative interests for both nations.

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