Iran to Export Heavy Machineries to Ivory Coast

A02237762.jpgAmbassador of Ivory Coast to the Islamic Republic of Iran said that Iran-Khodro Diesel Company is due to export 120 different road construction machineries to his country. Speaking to FNA in the central province of Semnan on Wednesday, the envoy described the Iranian company as highly potential in terms of production, and reminded that Iran-Khodro Diesel Company has already exported 70 units of machineries to Ivory Coast.

He said Iran’s Export Development Bank is now studying the case with the export of 120 more machineries to Ivory Coast.

The diplomat further voiced his country’s full preparedness to boost all-out cooperation with Iran in such different areas as hygiene, medicine, agriculture, road construction machineries, construction products and materials, transportation and agricultural processing industries.

He also underlined his resolve to expand Yamoussoukro’s relations with all Iranian provinces, saying that he seeks to make use of all the opportunities existing in Iran in the interest of his country.

The ambassador also mentioned familiarity with the products and potentials of Semnan as the main goal pursued by his trip to the province, and continued, “I intend to transfer Iran’s technical know-how and possibilities to the people and industrialists of my country.

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