Envoy Calls for Broadening of Iran-Myanmar Cooperation

A0253769.jpgIran’s Accredited Ambassador to Myanmar Mohsen Pak Ayeen called for the expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries, stating that officials of both states are decisive to expand mutual ties. Pak Ayeen noted Myanmar’s gas reserves and various agricultural products, and pointed out that the politically-driven negative propaganda launched by the US against Myanmar has rendered potentials of the latter country hidden and unidentified.

He further pointed to the business activities conducted by Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Thai traders and economic companies in Myanmar, and invited Iranian economic institutions to study presence in that country’s economic market.

The envoy also underlined that Iran does not perceive any restriction or impediment to the expansion of all-out ties with Myanmar, and called on both states to consolidate mutual cooperation in such areas as energy, agriculture, economy, trade and culture.

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