Tehran Condemns Barrier Walling in Baghdad

Iran-Iraq parliamentary friendship group in a statement released here on Monday strongly condemned construction of a partitioning wall in Baghdad by occupying troops, saying that the measure is in line with Israel’s failed plots for sowing religious and ethnic discord in Iraq. “The Bush administration, which spoke of bringing democracy, freedom, welfare and progress for the people of Iraq and even the region at the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, now after several years of extensive military presence in that country is unable to provide security and stability in the Iraqi capital and has made people insecure even inside their own homes,” the statement said.

“The Bush administration has gifted nothing to the Iraqi people but the daily organized manslaughter of hundreds of women, children, youths and youngsters, but the US statesmen practice a new plot against the Muslim people each day in a bid to hide their scandalous defeat in Iraq,” it continued.

To conclude the statement, the Iranian MPs have stressed that owing to the vigilance of all Iraqi groups and political forces and people from different walks of life, the new plot of the occupiers for the construction of a barrier wall in Baghdad and sowing seeds of discord between the Shiite and Sunnite Muslims will fall flat.

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