Establishment of Fair International System Deterred by US

Head of Iran’s delegation to the general meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) stressed that the unilateral, monopolistic and hegemonic measures taken by the United States have prevented establishment of a fair international system. “Along with the creation of new opportunities for the attainment of some shared interests, globalization and other world developments have also caused such a drastic change in the nature and extent of certain global threats that even the most powerful countries of the world cannot stand them,” Seyed Mohsen Yahyavi said.

Referring to the US invasion of Iraq, he described terrorism and instability in that country as two indispensable consequences of the Untied States’ hegemonic policies, and added, “Despite the fact that after the collapse of the bipolar system, a convenient ground was laid for the establishment of a fair, just, stable, transparent and democratic international system, the United States’ unilateral, monopolistic and hegemonic policies blocked the path to the attainment of such a system.”

The secretary-general of Iran’s inter-parliamentary group also said that the United States’ measures in support of Israel’s state-sponsored terrorism and its invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, which took place through misuse of such international norms as support for human rights and campaign against terrorism, have militarized the atmosphere of global talks and dialogue.

“The use of force in world relations has posed a serious threat to the international peace and security as well as global cooperation and welfare and progress of nations,” he continued.

The Iranian MP further mentioned that the Untied States’ bullying and monopolistic measures such as unilaterally imposed economic sanctions, prevention of the different countries’ membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and blocking other nations’ access to modern sciences and hi-tech have consolidated and stabilized injustice, poverty, unemployment and increasing gap between the poor and rich countries.

“The United States’ obstinacy, which has taken place under different pretexts and through misusing an international instrument like the UN Security Council, in blocking the Iranian nation’s access and use of the civilian nuclear technology accompanied by Washington’s unilateral sanctions on the Iranian nation during the last three decades set an obvious example for the United States’ bullying and hegemonic policies,” he concluded.

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