Iran, Oman Hold 11th Joint Commission Meeting

The 11th meeting of Iran-Oman joint economic commission was held in Masqat on Wednesday. During the meeting, Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki noted the two countries’ friendly ties and ample commonalities, and said that continued and strong political resolve of the two countries’ statesmen has paved a convenient ground for the expansion of all-out ties between Tehran and Masqat.

He further described the two countries’ joint commission meetings as a proper opportunity for the promotion of mutual ties, and reminded that the commission aims to compile documents and follow up and implement agreements in a successful fashion.

The Iranian chairman of the commission also referred to the two countries’ aligned views about political and international issues as well as their profound ties, and called for the utilization of the two sides’ abundant potentials for the promotion of bilateral ties.

“There are ample potentials in such areas as petrochemical industries, joint ventures, gas, fishery, tourism and mining industries, which must be used for the deepening and strengthening of economic ties,” he said.

The minister further viewed implementation of Article 44 of Iran’s Constitution as a convenient ground for the presence and activity of Omani traders, businessmen and industrialists in Iran, saying that they can participate in such plans and projects as execution of the plan for Iran’s natural gas exports to Oman, development and exploitation of the two countries’ shared gas field of ‘Hengam-Naja’ in the Hormoz Strait, the joint venture on the production of ethylene dyeclored and production of Urea and Ammonia.

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