Ahmadinejad Describes Iranians as a Peace-Loving Nation

Iranians are faithful people who wish peace, justice and welfare for the entire mankind, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in Manoujan in the central province of Kerman on the second leg of his 28th tour of the different provinces of the country. He further expressed regret that certain world powers merely seek their own interests and ignore human values, adding that the said powers intend to monopolize every valuable thing in the world, including science, progress and wealth.

The president underlined that the said attitude of the bullying powers inflicts many losses and damages on the nations and sparks discord, animosity and war.

“They seek to block our nation’s progress, and all the problems and disorders existing in the world have resulted from the same way of thinking,” he continued.

Ahmadinejad reiterated that Iranians are a peace-loving nation, but meantime warned, “Those who think that they can prevent the Iranian nation from making progress and finding access to advanced science and technology through resorting to certain bodies that they themselves have created are in deep mistake.”

He advised enemies to give up animosity and change approach towards Iran.

The president underscored that the Iranian nation may never usurp the rights of other nations, but meanwhile stressed that his people will never give up even an iota of their rights either.

He reminded that Iranian nation favors dialogue and talks within the boundaries of justice and law, and warned the other party in Iran’s nuclear standoff against the adoption of a hypocritical and deceitful approach towards Tehran.

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