President: Iran Insistent on N. Rights

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Thursday underlined that his people are insistent on their inalienable right to fully access and use nuclear energy, assuring that his country would never retreat from its stances even for an inch. Addressing a large, fervent congregation of the public in the town of Ghaleh Ganj in the central province of Kerman during the second leg of his 28th tour of the different Iranian provinces, the president said Iranian nation invites the world to respect for rules, respect for others’ rights, avoidance from breaching the law and recognition of the rights of nations.

He reminded that the Iranian nation favors dialogue and logic, but meantime stressed his people’s insistence on full access and use of nuclear energy as an inalienable right.

“And the Iranian nation stands on its inalienable rights,” Ahmadinejad added.

He further described selfishness as the main reason underlying powers’ opposition to the Iranian nation’s progress, saying that bullying powers seek to form a monopoly over science and technology.

“They are not seeking peace, rather they want everything to belong to them and that’s why they oppose the Iranian nation’s scientific progress,” the president continued.

Elsewhere during the same tour, Ahmadinejad underscored that his country would not withdraw from its righteous stances even for an inch.

“Iranian people have never sought expansionist goals, but enemies should know that the Iranian nation will not give up even an iota of its (nuclear) rights,” Ahmadinejad said while addressing residents in the town of Kahnouj in Kerman province.

He advised West to make friend with Iran, saying that only such an attitude would serve the interests of the western nations.

The president reminded the other party in Iran’s nuclear standoff that era of bullying came to its end long ago.

“You must know that the era of your empire has come to its end and the era of bullying and misusing international bodies has come to an end,” he said, addressing the western powers.

The Iranian president reiterated that his people would defend their inalienable right of access to and use of nuclear technology to the end.

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