Laos Welcomes Expansion of Cultural Cooperation with Iran

Deputy Culture and Information minister of Laos in a meeting with Iranian ambassador to that country Mohsen Pak Ayeen welcomed widening of cooperation with Iran in the field of culture and information dissemination. During the meeting, the Laotian official praised Iran’s rich culture and civilization, and welcomed a proposal extended by the Iranian envoy for holding Iran-Laos cultural weeks, saying that the measure would increase the knowledge of the two nations about each other.

He further welcomed endorsement of memoranda of understanding between the media centers of Iran and Laos, and stressed the need for dialogue among religions as an indispensable necessity of the contemporary world.

For his part, the Iranian ambassador pointed to the importance of the standing of Asian culture, and further reiterated the necessity for introducing the said culture to the people of the region and the world.

He also viewed arrangement of Iran’s cultural week in Laos and endorsement of memoranda of understanding on cooperation between the two countries’ media centers as a necessary move for increasing the two nations’ direct knowledge about one another.

“While western media strive to portray Asian nations in a way they like, relations and cooperation of the two countries’ media can familiarize the two nations with each other,” Pak Ayeen said.

He also noted Iran’s Mahan Air flights to Bangkok, and proposed that the air line to be extended to Laos to increase exchange of tourists between the two countries.

The envoy also said that to practice the two countries’ views, they are required to exchange delegations.

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