Religious Discord Most Serious Threat to Muslim World

Iranian parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel in a meeting with a parliamentary delegation from Oman here on Monday described strife among Islamic faiths as the most serious danger threatening the Muslim world.A report released by the Information and Media Department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said that also during the meeting, Haddad Adel presented his analysis of regional conditions, specially in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Afghanistan, and reminded that ever since World War I, the world of Islam has never witnessed so many massacres, bloodsheds and pressures resulting from the aliens’ interventions.

Describing the present conditions in Iraq as a source of pain and agony for all Muslims, he said, “The scene of Iraq is a pictorial lesson for all Muslims, teaching them that if they allow aliens to dominate them, the same regrettable situation will be repeated for other Muslim states as well.”

The chief legislative official further described Palestinian issue as a deep scar left by the West on the face of the world of Islam and Muslims, and stressed, “Islamic countries share a common responsibility regarding the current issues and problems existing in the world of Islam and they should cooperate with one another to solve these problems.”

Elsewhere, he noted the two countries’ extensive cooperation in the different political, security, economic and international spheres, and voiced pleasure in the growing trend of mutual relations between Iran and Oman.

Haddad Adel reminded that the background of the two countries’ ties in the post revolution era contains no critical or ambiguous point.

Also pointing to the common views shared by the two countries about the different regional and world issues, he said Iran and Oman can launch valuable cooperation with each other to remove Muslims’ current problems and establish unity in the world of Islam.

The speaker voiced the Iranian parliament’s preparedness to support and facilitate promotion of the two countries’ relations, particularly in economic areas, and assured of the parliament’s political resolve to develop mutual ties and cooperation with Oman.

For his part, chairman of Iran-Oman parliamentary friendship group pointed to the frequent meetings and consultations between the two countries’ senior officials, and said that the regular exchange of views by the two states illustrates the profound trust that the leaders of both countries have vested in each other and displays the depth of their friendship and brotherhood.

Referring to the two countries’ close views about the different issues of the Muslim world and the region, he voiced Oman’s support for Iran’s stances at the different regional and international circles and bodies.

The Omani lawmaker further pointed to the two countries’ joint economic commission meeting in Masqat and the agreements signed during the said meeting, and called on both sides to adopt measures to encourage traders and businessmen from the private sector to make investments in both countries.

To conclude his statements, he stressed the need for both sides to make an optimal use of all potentials and possibilities to enhance the two countries’ mutual economic and trade exchanges.

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