Iran Welcomes Formation of Regional Economic Organizations

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a meeting with his Tajik counterpart Emomali Rahmon here in Tehran on Tuesday said his country welcomes formation of regional cooperation organizations, in economic grounds in particular. During the meeting, the Iranian president pointed to the two countries’ abundant and exceptional commonalities in various grounds, including history, language and culture, and noting the two countries’ growing ties in different areas, he expressed the hope that Tehran-Dushanbe relations would further develop and deepen through the implementation of mutual agreements.

He further pointed to the strong resolve of the two countries’ officials to develop mutual ties, and voiced Tehran’s preparedness to expand relations and boost cooperation with Tajikistan in all the different areas.

“Tehran believes that Tajikistan’s progress serves interests of all regional countries,” Ahmadinejad said.

He also voiced pleasure in the fruitfulness of the agreements signed by the two sides in various grounds through the efforts made by the two countries’ officials.

The president referred to the ample potentials existing for the expansion of ties between the two countries, and named energy, transportation, drainage, road construction, industry, trade and culture as among proper areas for the development of mutual ties between Iran and Tajikistan.

Ahmadinejad also described the two countries’ views about regional and international issues as very similar, and said Tehran welcomes formation of regional cooperation organizations, specially in economic spheres.

The Tajik president, for his part, noted the two nations’ historical ties, and assessed prospects of mutual cooperation between Tehran and Dushanbe as clear and lustrous, adding that development of bilateral relations in different areas serves progress of both nations.

Emomali Rahmon further praised Iranian officials’ support for the expansion of ties with Tajikistan, and called for the transfer of Tehran’s valuable experiences to his country in such various grounds as joint venture and implementation of economic projects.

He also noted the abundant potentials and capabilities existing on both sides, and mentioned dam and railroad construction as well as scientific, social and cultural cooperation among common areas for the further development and expansion of mutual ties.

Prior to the official meeting between the two countries’ delegations, the Iranian and Tajik presidents attended one hour of private talks.

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