Ahmadinejad Due to Pay Visit to Tajikistan

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is due to pay a visit to Tajikistan in the near future.The issue with the visit, which will take place at the invitation of Tajik President Emomali Rahmon, was raised during a meeting between the two presidents here on Wednesday, where the two sides signed five Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) in different grounds and one joint statement.

Also during the meeting, the Tajik president stressed the need for the development and bolstering of extensive and cordial cooperation between the two sides, and called for the utilization of the abundant intact potentials existing in both countries.

He further described his talks with Iranian officials about regional issues as fruitful, reminding that both sides have underlined the necessity for cooperation among Islamic states.

Rahmon also defined consolidation of the international system and international legal norms and criteria as the major need of the contemporary man.

The Tajik president voiced pleasure in his meetings with Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and other Islamic Republic officials, and extended an invitation to Ahmadinejad to pay a visit to his country.

For his part, Iranian president described the two countries’ ties as very friendly, profound and developing, saying that both countries are taking precise, vigilant and premeditated steps to further consolidate their relations.

He further voiced pleasure in the two countries’ joint projects and good cooperation in the transportation, industry, trade and energy sectors, saying that both Iran and Tajikistan favor peace, security and tranquility on the basis of equality and justice.

“Both states emphasize that disputes must be resolved through logic and justice and observation of rights,” the president continued.

Regarding regional issues, he said Iran and Tajikistan favor glory, honor, security, national unity and solidarity as well as national sovereignty of Iraq and Afghanistan, and said, “We hope that global issues will also be pursued on the basis of just and fair rules and through negotiations so that we will witness an atmosphere filled with friendship in the world.”

Ahmadinejad also underlined both states’ opposition to the use of force in the world, and called on all countries to show respect and obedience to law and order in a bid to prepare a proper environment for the world people.

He further accepted his Tajik counterpart’s invitation, and stressed, “Iran and Tajikistan are two members of the same big body, which share common literature and culture. When in that country (Tajikistan), we never feel strange since we view it as our own country.”

To end his remarks, the Iranian president expressed the hope that the two sides’ agreements would soon be put into effect so that the Iranian and Tajik people could witness their positive results and impacts.

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