Detained N. Negotiator to Be Released on Bail

Iran’s former senior negotiator in nuclear talks with the West Hossein Moussavian, who was arrested on charges of transferring the country’s nuclear information to foreign states, is due to be released on a bail of USD 215000 Wednesday, an informed source told FNA. The source also said that the court ruling has been issued Tuesday afternoon and that Moussavian will be released midday today.

He also said that Moussavian has expressed regret over his past conduct.

“Introductory investigations have been accomplished,” the source said, adding that Moussavian will be later summoned to the court to present further explanations about the remaining parts of investigations.

Earlier, a source privy to the case said that Moussavian, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator at the time of Rafsanjani’s presidency and a deputy head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran’s Expediency Council prior to detention, was kept in Evin prison, adding that the country’s intelligence ministry, which was in charge of the case, continued investigations and interrogations in this regard.

“Moussavian has been charged with spying on Iran’s nuclear programs and activities and due to the same reason, his case is verified at the Revolutionary Court and under Tehran’s deputy prosecutor general for security affairs,” he mentioned.

The source also stressed that the detainee was being interrogated by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry.

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