Ahmadinejad Hopes to Enhance Persian Gulf Security through UAE Visit

A02382635.jpgPrior to leaving Tehran for the United Arab Emirates and Oman, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed the hope that he could take a long stride towards enhancement of security in the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman during his trip. Speaking to reporters at Tehran’s Mehr Abad airport on Sunday, the president stressed his country’s resolve to further expand and consolidate ties with the neighboring and brotherly countries, and reminded that regional states share many interests with Iran in addition to their common historical and cultural backgrounds.

He further pointed to the inclination of both sides for promoting mutual ties, and added, “Emirates is among (our) friendly countries with vast ties with Iran, specially in economic issues, and we are paying a visit to that country at the invitation of the UAE Emir.”

Ahmadinejad also pointed to trade, energy, joint investment, issues of Islamic states, regional cooperation, particularly about security in the Persian Gulf, as among topics to be discussed by the two sides during the visit.

Elsewhere, he described Oman as one of Iran’s age old friends, saying that the two states enjoy sustainable and consolidated cooperation with each other.

“Industry, energy, trade and regional cooperation in the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman are on our working agenda during the trip,” the president continued.

The Iranian president also reiterated that relations with the neighboring states sets a priority for the Islamic Republic and expressed the hope that his visit to the two Persian Gulf littoral states would further help to the establishment of peace, security and progress in the region of the Persian Gulf.

The president left Tehran on a three-day visit to the UAE and Oman an hour ago.

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