No Plan on Iran’s 3 PG Islands Presented to UAE

A02439162.jpgThe reports released about a plan presented by Iran to UAE officials about the three Iranian islands of the Greater Tunb, the Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf is a forged baseless scenario, an informed source told FNA here on Tuesday. Stressing that the misunderstanding existing between Iran and the Untied Arab Emirates about the three Persian Gulf islands will be solved through friendly talks, the source added, “Such reports aim to affect the constructive and useful results and aftermaths of the visit to the UAE by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

“Those papers releasing such reports receive their news from sources of the colonialist powers,” he said.

The source reminded that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always reiterated that issues related to the misunderstandings about the Iranian island of Abu Musa could be solved through friendly and brotherly talks.

The London-based paper ‘Al-Sharqol Owsat’ Monday said that Iranian president had presented UAE officials with a plan to solve the problem of the three islands.

The paper alleged that Ahmadinejad had voiced preparedness to return to a previous agreement on the basis of which Abu Musa would be ruled by both countries and Iran would give up its single sovereignty over the island.

Also according to the said agreement, Iran would stop demographic and geographical changes facilitating its single and full sovereignty over the island.

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