Anti-imperialistic rally was held in Kyiv

5.jpgOn May, 20th, Anti-imperialistic rally against imperial Russia’s policy, to coincide with the 143rd anniversary of the completion of the first Russian-Caucasian war (May 21, 1864) and occupation of Caucasus by Russia, took place in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.


The main organizer of this action was International Anti-imperialistic Front (IAF), the formation of which was announced on May 8, 2007 at a conference in Ternopil. Let’s remind, that the founders of the IAF are All Ukrainian Organization “Trident” of Stephan Bandera (leader Dmitro Yarosh) and the Movement for Decolonization of Caucasus (leader Ahmad Sardali).


The participants of the rally demanded the liberation of Caucasus from the Russian occupation, the withdrawal of the occupation forces from the territory of the Chechen State.


They pointed also on the danger of imperial revenge by Russia, which now threatens the freedom of the Ukrainian people and the independence of the Ukrainian State.


The action started at 16.00 and lasted for more than an hour. Anti-imperialistic rally, which was attended by more than 250 people, went on a venue Vozduhoflotskiy Prospectus to the Russian embassy in Ukraine. National flags of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (green with the logo) were kept by Ukrainians and Africans. There were raised also flags of “Trident”, as well as yellow-blue and black-red Ukrainian flags.


The participants chanted slogans and performed two songs at the Ukrainian national theme.


Nobody went out from the building of the Russian embassy to demonstrators. However, it was proclaimed previously by IAF, that neither meet nor talk with Putin’s regime are possible. Kyiv police responded to act calmly, about a half dozen of its staff alighted chain between demonstrators and the embassy and throughout the shares remained inactive.


The participants carried signs and banners in the Ukrainian and Chechen languages : “Kyiv against Moscow! “,” Freedom for peoples, freedom for the individual “,” Long live Dokka Umarov, Amir of the Muslims! “,” Death to the traitors and murderers “,” May Allah destroy satanic Russian state and save Chechnya! “,” Russian occupier, go on from Chechnya “, “Russia-nest of racism and the enemy of Africans”, “Today Chechnya, Ukraine tomorrow! “,” Muslims of India and Pakistan, together with Chechnya and Ukraine against Russia “,” Putin accountable “,” No occupation of the Caucasus “, “The mujaheddin of all countries – Unite”, etc.


The keynote in front of the embassy of Russia was made by Ivan Suta, head of the political service of “Trident”. He underlined the threat of Russian revenge and said that the duty of every conscious Ukrainian is support for the struggle of the Chechen and other peoples of the Caucasus against Russian imperialism.


He said that Ukraine now has an internal occupation. Numerous gangs of Russian extremists actually impunity, and sometimes with the encouragement of the authorities have committed numerous atrocities. The Ukrainian economy has virtually taken over by Russian oligarchs who, in turn, linked to the Russian special services, and act on their behalf.


Ukrainian power is divided into two fractions : one part controlled by Moscow and act in the interests of Russia and the other – in the interests of the West. In this situation, the Ukrainian people face challenges to mobilize their efforts in the fight against imperialist claims that threaten Ukraine’s national statehood and independence, said Ivan Suta. The objective of the International Anti-imperialistic Front (IAF) is to help fight the oppressed peoples of Russia, as well as mobilize and unify their efforts in the fight against imperial monsters and globalism, satanism. The ideologists of the Ukrainian nationhood Stepan Bandera and Yaroslav Stetsko pointed out that the Russian empire is difficult to win fragmented forces. This requires integration of oppressed peoples. It is for this purpose at the time was established Antibolshevistsky Block of Peoples. By the same called great son of the Chechen people Djohar Dudaev, said Ivan Suta.


At a rally in front of Russian embassy also speech was made by commander of the Kyiv structure of “Trident”, Andriy Pylypas, who said that the IAF should be coordinated and unified effort for more effective anti-imperialistic fight.


This action was accompanied by about 30 journalists Ukrainian media, including “5” Ukrainian TV channel. Ivan Suta gave an interview to “5 channel”.


In Anti-imperialistic rally the members of “Trident”, the members of Ukrainian Nationalists Organization (OUN), the Muslim students from India and Pakistan and African students participated.


As it was noted by commentators, for the first time in 15 years in Ukraine in front of the Russian embassy protest of this magnitude took place. The leader of “Trident” (chief commander) Dmitro Yarosh said to “KC” that the International Anti-imperialistic Front preparing new attacks in support of the struggle of Chechen mujahideen and the mujahideen of Caucasian Front against the Russian empire, which will take place not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. Meanwhile, the “5” Ukrainian TV channel showed on Sunday evening extensive report on Anti-imperialistic rally in Kyiv.


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