Chechen children being tested with chemical weapons

17.jpgThe press-service of organization CKNS for protection of human rights, has received news that the mass poisoning of Chechen children at schools of Shelkovsko district is a result of chemical weapons usage by the Russian special services.


98 % of cases have been “unknown” illness, which has struck women and girls. The features of illness include asthma, dizziness, hysterics, extreme excited conditions, inflammation of mucous membranes of eyes, dryness in mouth, increased blood pressure, loss of consciousness. More than 100 persons were admitted in regional hospitals. Symptoms for all were identical.


Later when the patients were being admitted in hospitals in mass numbers, a number of commissions were set up to investigate the reasons of the disease but it was ineffective.  


However the invaders and Chechen munafiqs have declared that the disease « is a result of stress, and a post-war syndrome ». However none of the commissions have answered to the following questions:


1. Why the stresses started within a day and only at schools?


2. Why the stress has not extended onto other inhabitants of the district in form of psychosis or chain reaction, and continues with those who fell ill earlier?


3. Why 98 % of the illness can be seen with girls and women?


4. Why this stress cannot be seen at schools of those areas where active operations with massive destructions took place and where victims number a lot?


The press-service CKNS informs that during one of these days the organization received from its sources that invaders’ special services were acting on territories of occupied CRI. They also reported of additional data on mass poisoning of children from schools of Shelkovsko district, which resulted in a number of victims due to the monstrous experiment.


The source was at loss to tell, which chemical element has been used during carrying out of experiments with children, but does not doubt that the component is an additive to chlorine which disinfect school bathrooms.


The source also has informed that this special action has been carried out with participation of so-called “chemists” from the Russian special services which are based in territory of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. The poison was not reflected in any way in boys, and influenced only girls.


“Children can be sent to school, but it is necessary to know, when the next experiments will occur “- an employee of special services added at the end of conversation.


But who knows when these experiments will occur again?

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