Albania — to live in or dream of from afar?

121.jpgAlbanian bloggers are divided over the state of affairs in Albania. Many claim that the campaign for the return of the diaspora is not doing much, while others think corruption is a real obstacle to investment and the return of Albanian emigrants. Clearly, the mixed reviews show a country in transition.

In the peshkupauje blog, Llukan Tako raises questions about Albanians that work and study abroad. “The Albanian press and some [NGOs] often like to speak about the return of students, emigrants and their investment in Albania. They like to mention the assets that the Albanian diaspora would bring to Albania, the money they would invest. Strangely enough, the media never says whether the invitation had any effective result, how many Albanians actually returned to Albania influenced by such propaganda.”

In another blog, discussing investment in Albania, Marjon Gerhazi says, “Life in Albania is interesting, full of vitality and energy. Investing in Albania is the best choice for the moment,” she says.

While Pepi is adamant that something be done about the corruption that cripples daily life, Suela justifies the existing situation. “Albania is nurturing a young democracy and it is still taking baby steps. So, [it’s just] struggling, that’s all.”

On the subject of Albania’s emigrants and their return to Albania, Blendi says that she wishes there was more information on the subject. “People don’t emigrate just to get rich, but to have better prospects in the future. I am 28 years old and I have studied abroad, but I’ve always wished to live in Albania. America is my second homeland after having lived here for ten years. Still, I miss my Tirana. Will I return? Maybe yes, maybe not.”

Edrus is more specific, asking, “Why doesn’t the Albanian administration create an institution that doesn’t belong to any party, which would be the only institution to appreciate the youth and the potential of the young people [to return to Albania]?”

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