Russian Occupation Army Incurred More Losses

137.jpgRussian Occupation army incurred during the past few days, more casualties from continuing Mujahideen operations, which coincides with the warmth of the weather in Chechnya. The outcome of the past four days only, was ten Russian soldiers killed and wounded others in a variety of hunting, blowing vehicles and direct clashes. One of the most prominent processes attempt of a group of mujahideen units to capture the crew of a Russian truck through the disruption of their vehicle to urge them to surrender, but they refused and tried to buy time to request assistance which made them get to their death, and they were three soldiers, and the operation took place in Vedeno region, or “zone of death” as called by members of the Russian Army. God is Great.


The Liquidation Of One Of The Hypocrites In Argun

Mujahideen intelligence managed to trap one of the Russian agents in the grip of mujahideen, and after approval of collaborating with the Russian army and caused the death of many people who were helping the mujahideen, God’s judgment have been implemented to be a lesson for other weak-minded. Praise is to God.

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