Serzhen-Yurt shelled by Russian military again

165.jpgContrary to claims that the war is over, the reality suggests otherwise. Last night in their search for an invisible enemy the Russian occupation military once again shelled the Shalinsky district village of Serzhen-Yurt, PW reported.


According to local eyewitnesses, several artillery shells flew low over the village at midnight and exploded in a nearby area of forest.


The fire came from the military base of the Shali tank regiment. “Though the villagers were alarmed by the resumption of shelling of that area, they didn’t panic, as they used to do – not because the fire was directed away from the village, but because they’re used to things like this by now,”  a village resident told PW.


The problem appeared to have been resolved several months ago after talks between the local puppet administration and the occupants, who gave assurances that the villagers would no longer be disturbed by sporadic shelling. However, last night’s events show that the military have no intention of discontinuing it, at least at night time.


Artillery shelling has been carried out across Serzhen-Yurt for several years. The shells sometimes fail to strike their intended targets and fall directly on the village. Last time the shells caused damage to several houses Luckily none of the residents was injured. After that incident the military promised to stop disturbing local people by such actions.

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