Hamas meets Egyptian mediators in Gaza, to meet Fatah later

1151.jpgGAZA, June 13 (Xinhua) — Egyptian security mediators started a meeting with Hamas officials in Gaza city on Wednesday afternoon as the movement continued battles against rival Fatah.Sources close to Hamas said the meeting came after telephone conversations that Egyptian Intelligence Chief Omar Suliman made with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas’ exiled leader, Khaled Mashaal.    The sources, which spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Mashaal, who is based in Damascus, requested from Suliman that the Egyptian mediators in Gaza hold separate meeting with Hamas first.

    The delegation, led by Burhan Hamad, has started the meeting with Hamas while Fatah is expected to join the meeting in the evening.

    Despite the diplomatic efforts, clashes between the two factions continued on the ground as death toll was mounting, hitting at least 60, including many civilians.

    On the fourth day of infighting, Hamas captured a number of security posts belongs to forces loyal to President Abbas’ Fatah movement.

    Hamas said they have seized most of the security positions in Gaza Strip and that the major four security compounds were still under Fatah control.

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