Russian OMON forces come under fire in Ingushetia

Russian occupation sources reported that in Ingushetia on the night of Wednesday a mobile group of Mujahideen hava carried out an attack on a base of a puppet OMON (special-purpose police units) police force in the town of Karabulak. Invaders by referring to local munafiqs reported that OMON incur casualties, but did not provide exact number of victims.

The attack took place on Wednesday at 00:30 local time.

“The base of OMON was attacked from automatic weapons and grenade launchers. The heavy gunbattle lasted about 40 minutes”, – a source inside the puppet “Ministry of Internal Affairs” reported.

The source said that 20 shots had been made from grenade launchers on a base of OMON in Karabulak.

“The exact number of victims is unknown”, the source said. Meanwhile informants from Ingushetia report that Mujahideen forces attacked not only a puppet OMON, but also a so-called “mobile detachment of the Interior Ministry of Russia”. Attack had been carried out from two sides. The battle lasted about one hour. Munafiqs and kafirs have serious losses, according to the source Mujaheddin used sub-machine guns, machine guns, and grenade launchers. 30 grenade shells were launched on kafirs and munafiqs.

On Wednesday morning, within the limits of on duty propaganda attempt to disavow the fact of a successful military-sabotage operation of the Ingush Mujahideen, the puppet authorities declared that have detained “three suspects” that had participated in the attack. We shall remind, that on the eve the Ingush opposition sources by referring to the puppet “Ministry of Internal Affairs” reported that in these days the republic lives in anticipation of a new major attack from the Mujahideen of Caucasus Front. In any case, the law enforcements of the country are talking about exactly that kind of danger attack.

Russian invaders and the formations of local gang the munafiqs are placed on high alert. On Monday afternoon, the capital city of Ingushetia Magas was transferred to the state of siege.

According to the sources inside the “Ministry of Internal Affairs” and the numerous witnesses, Magas surrounded by three rings of ambushes and roadblocks. The city reinforced with armored vehicles. Trenches dug, in which machine-gunners are positioned.


In the past days military aircraft, apparently with the intelligence purposes, fly over Ingushetia.


According to the puppet “Interior Ministry of Ingushetia”, they received some information about the movement of armed units of Mujahideen that has been noticed in the forests.


One of the so-called “Vice Minister of Ministry of Internal Affairs” of Ingushetia said that recently large number of youngsters joined Mujahideen forces, edition reports.

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